STUK recommends sensible caution

Recommended values established by decree do not usually restrict construction or residence close to transmission lines, with the exception of areas remaining within the right-of-way of 400 kilovolt (kV) transmission lines with an electric field intensity in excess of 5kV/m. Given that the risks associated with long-term exposure to magnetic fields cannot be ruled out beyond all doubt, however, it is advisable to avoid unnecessary exposure.

It is unlikely that there will be any certainty as to a link between leukemia and magnetic fields for a long time. This is apt to raise concerns in people, especially when the potential risk involves children. Residential buildings are furthermore significant investments for people. This is why STUK recommends avoiding the construction of permanent residences in areas where the density of the magnetic flux continuously exceeds the level of approximately 0.4 µT.

In addition to homes, particularly premises meant for children, such as daycare centres and schools, should be built at an adequate distance from transmission lines. In unclear cases, the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority may give statements to planning authorities, for example.

The national main grid operator Fingrid Oyj and power companies provide advice on questions related to the electrical safety of transmission lines, including work with lifters and hoists and forest work conducted under transmission lines.


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