Nuclear security arrangements

Nuclear security arrangements protect the use of nuclear energy and radiation against unlawful action. The operator bears the responsibility for the implementation of security arrangements. STUK sets regulatory requirements for the security arrangements and supervises their implementation.

Nuclear security arrangements - Information exchange between authorities

*) STUK receives notifications and intelligence, for example, from other authorities or operators and via international information exchange systems.
**) Radiation measurement observations originate chiefly from other authorities, including the Customs, Police, Rescue Services, Border Guard and the Finnish Defense Forces, and from the operators. If necessary, STUK also carries out radiation measurements in the field.

Based on the risk-informed, graded approach nuclear security arrangements must be dimensioned in accordance with the potential consequences and probability of unlawful action affecting nuclear material or other radioactive material. Potential consequences depend on a variety of factors, including the enrichment and quantity of the nuclear material, radiation properties and quantity of radioactive material, and the chemical and physical properties of the material. The probability of unlawful action cannot be calculated, but assessments of it can be made on the basis of a threat assessment.

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