STUK’s duties in the supervision of nuclear safety

STUK’s task in the supervision of nuclear safety is to ensure that the requirements for the use of nuclear energy are adequate and that nuclear energy is used according to these requirements.

The supervision aims to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities in such a way that the facilities’ use does not cause radiation that is hazardous to the health of employees or the population or damaging to the environment or property.

The most important goal is to prevent a reactor accident that would result in a release of radioactive substances or the threat of such a release. Goals also include maintaining the citizens’ trust towards the actions of authorities.

To ensure the safety of nuclear facilities, STUK monitors the facilities all the way from their design phase to their decommissioning. The supervision applies to both technical operating conditions and the activities of the organisations, as well as nuclear materials and nuclear waste. The targets monitored include operational events, yearly maintenance, the management of ageing, radiation safety, emergency and safety arrangements, the personnel’s qualification and training as well as management and quality management systems.

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