Safety and quality policy

The purpose of operation of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority is to protect people, society, the environment and future generations from the detrimental effects of radiation. Our aim is to keep the radiation exposure of Finns as low and safety as high as is practically possible and to prevent radiation and nuclear accidents.

Our core values are expertise, openness, courage and co-operation. We observe the principles inherent in good governance and in good regulatory operations. We commit ourselves to good professional quality in our operations and high quality in our services.  

We understand how our work affects safety and that nuclear and radiation safety is the synergetic sum of several factors. We underline safety as the first priority in our operations and decision-making and allocate our resources based on a graded approach to safety. With our behavior we promote a good safety culture.

We emphasise the operator’s responsibility for safety. We oversee the safety of radiation operations and of the use of nuclear energy in Finland. In detecting shortcomings, we firmly intervene, where necessary.

We are prepared against unusual situations. Our personnel are organized, instructed and trained to operate under various radiation and nuclear accident situations.

We continuously develop and improve our operations for better safety, quality and successfulness. In our work we utilise the results of research and analyses. We also contribute to the development of Finnish know-how. We identify and take into account any uncertainties and risks relating to our operations. We are vigilant and open to detect any deviations and opportunities for development in our work, courageously highlighting them. In order to find best practices, we regularly ask a third party to evaluate our operations.

We treat one another equally and fairly. Our duties and responsibilities are unambiguous and each person is responsible for the quality of their work. Everyone is given the opportunity to develop their professional skills and work duties as well as our organisation; we support this by flexibility of organisational structures as well as open, discussing and mutually appreciative interaction.

We openly and in a timely manner disseminate information about radiation and nuclear safety related matters and also take an active role and the initiative in communicating them. We foster active relations with our interest groups.

Together we promote high-quality radiation and nuclear safety.

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