Organization chart

Organization chart


STUK’s operations are based on the Act on Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority. The first section of the Act defines STUK’s mission and position: “The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority operates under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health with the purpose of preventing and limiting the adverse effects of radiation, controlling the safety of the use of radiation and nuclear energy, and engaging in associated research, education and communications. 

At the end of 2014, STUK had 324 employees. 60% of them were men. A little over 80% of STUK’s employees have an M.Sc. or M.A. degree. The average age of the employees is approximately 48 years.

STUK’s Director General is Petteri Tiippana. The Director General is appointed by the Government.

Age distribution of the employees

Age distribution of the employees (annual report 2014).

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