Actions 1

Action plan based on the findings made during the CNS Review Meeting of 1999


  1. The requirements for modifications planned by the power company and their independent verification will be reassessed. The new requirements will be given in the appropriate regulatory guides (YVL guides).


  2. The procedures for the submission of documents to authorities (for approval and information) will be reassessed. The requirements relating to the submission of certain documents will be reassessed.


  3. The degree of detail and control of the regulatory guides and other regulations will be assessed. It will be considered whether the level of detail of the Finnish regulations could restrict licensee initiative and sense of responsibility.


  4. All safety culture related know-how will be incorporated into a uniform national programme.


  5. The methods for evaluating the appropriateness and functionality of the oversight of licensee organisations will be developed. The control in this sector and the necessary resources will be strengthened.


  6. The causes and effects of, and the technical data relating to, modifications at the nuclear facilities will be collected into a database more manageable than the one currently in use.


  7. Training will be provided to increase awareness and consideration of seismic risks at the nuclear facilities. The requirements relating to control will be reassessed when the relevant YVL guide is revised.


  8. In connection with the development and maintenance of STUK's quality system, attention will also be paid to the quality system of the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), STUK's most preferred support organisation whose quality system will be audited. Special attention will be paid to the procedures ensuring independence while working for power companies. Current development projects relating to the quality systems of the regulatory authorities in Sweden, and elsewhere, will be followed by means of benchmarking and will be compared with corresponding ongoing STUK projects.


  9. Familiarisation with the Russian facility concept VVER-640. In order to make independent safety analyses, co-operation with the Russian authorities will be started.


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