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STUK needs more time to assess the safety of Posiva’s disposal facility

STUK needs more time to assess the safety of Posiva’s disposal facility

25 Jun 2014 13:00

The Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) believes that it will need six months longer than originally planned for the safety assessment of the construction permit application concerning the encapsulation and final disposal facility of spent nuclear fuel.

In its request for comment submitted at the beginning of 2013, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy requested to receive the Nuclear Safety Authority’s statement with the related appendices by the end of June 2014.

The processing of the application materials by STUK has taken longer than expected, because Posiva did not deliver the complete technical application material to STUK at the end of 2012; parts of this material were only received in 2013 and 2014. Moreover, in conjunction with its inspection, STUK has required Posiva to provide several supplements to the application material. The time required to prepare and process these supplements in their actualized extent was not included in the original schedule. The need to supplement application materials is also based on the new safety requirements issued by STUK in December 2013.

STUK estimates that it can complete the inspections in December and submit its statement and safety assessment report to the Ministry in January 2015, provided that Posiva is able to deliver the required material to STUK in the agreed schedule.

Further information:

Section Head Jussi Heinonen, tel. +358 9 759 88 679
Information Officer Risto Isaksson, tel. +358 9 759 88 208

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