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Finland and Russia update procedures related to information exchange in case of radiation hazard

Finland and Russia update procedures related to information exchange in case of radiation hazard

27 Sep 2016 12:44

On Tuesday 27 September, Petteri Tiippana, Director General of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority and Sergey Kirienko, CEO of Rosatom in Russia, signed a memorandum of understanding concerning information exchange between Finland and Russia in case of radiation hazard. The document was signed in Vienna during the IAEA General Conference.

The memorandum covers issues such as which information is shared between the countries and the practical details of when and how the information concerning a radiation hazard or threat is distributed. The memorandum also emphasizes that the exchange of information concerning hazardous situations between Finland and Russia must be reconciled with other international procedures. Fast and reliable distribution of information is essential in order to ensure the proper measures to protect people, society and nature.

Director General Petteri Tiippana is happy with the contents of the memorandum. “After the Fukushima accident, demand has increased for international collaboration to prepare for nuclear accidents and other situations causing a radiation hazard. This is a good model for all countries,” Director General Tiippana sates. “It is also important that the new memorandum includes the agreement to establish a group to ensure that principles are turned into practical guidelines and that they are regularly tested through joint exercises concerning radiation hazard situations.

The treaty concerning information exchange between Finland and Russia was signed in 1995. According to the treaty, the competent authorities mentioned in the treaty must form a separate agreement concerning practical measures. The previous memorandum of understanding specifying the practical measures was signed in 1996. In Russia, Rosatom is responsible for distributing information to other countries during a radiation threat or hazard. In Finland, the responsibility belongs to STUK.

Similarly, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland have a shared memorandum covering the measures required from the Nordic Countries in case of a radiation hazard or threat, and how Nordic cooperation is to be utilized in the nuclear emergency arrangements.

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