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STUK-YTO-TR 194 Sarkimo M.. Näkökohtia riskitietoisten menetelmien soveltamisesta ydinvoimaloiden määräaikaistarkastuksiin. 2003.
STUK-YTO-TR 193 Huhtanen R.. Oil pool fire in a large turbine hall - CFD simulation. 2002.
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STUK-YTO-TR 191 Tiitta A; Saarinen J; Tarvainen M; Axell K; Jansson P; Carchon R; Gerits J; Kulikov Y; Lee Y-G.. Investigation on the possibility to use fork detector for partial defect verification of spent LWR fuel assemblies : Final report on Task JNT A 1071 (BEL, FIN, SWE) of the Member States' Support Programme to IAEA Safeguards. 2002.
STUK-YTO-TR 190 Haapanen P; Helminen A.. Failure mode and effects analysis of software-based automation systems. 2002.
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